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Inner Cellular Awareness

When we unite the divine masculine and the divine feminine within, we descend. We deeply feel whatever is present for us at that moment and expand this feeling~awareness within a sacred space where our sexuality is welcome, perfect, natural and celebrated ✨

We pull our consciousness back into our body, deep down into all of the cells of our body, thus creating a deeper union between our sexuality, spirit and soul. The divine masculine brings clear presence and awareness, while the divine feminine vibrates, slows down and flows deeply through all the multidimensional levels of our body ✨ There’s so much power and clear life~force energy stored in the base of our body, and yet, so many emotions like anger, fear, shame and guilt are blocking this sexual energy to free~flow and run through our chakra’s. When we guide this energy deep down in the most vulnerable and innocent parts of our body, a union with our Higher Self is created. Allowing us to experience Inner Cellular Awareness and Illumination, a subtle, strong unfolding River of Feelings, like hot lava, burning whatever is on it’s way ✨ We can’t rush this process, it takes time and profound Patience. Only when we allow the deepest longings of our sexual power to be recognized and lived, the energy will rise through the dark void into our Hearts, finally activating true Love for ourselves through humble self~forgiveness. Uniting with the Golden Light from Spirit through the crown is the Blue Lotus Flower, vulnerably opening its petals for all to drink it’s nectar ✨ Old traumas, conditioned beliefs and neurological conditioning are all stored in our base, and when this separation, grief and pain are dissolved by streaming it upwards through the liquid spine, the unmet longings of Sacred Union with the divine Beloved will crack the Heart wide open with pure innocence, vulnerability and authenticity, shining the soul’s Light and purpose as the natural alchemy of our sexual divine nature as Human Beings ✨ I’m deeply committed to humanity to be Present for our collective soul’s purpose, fully embodying and surrendering to Love. I give you my love. I give you my word ✨


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