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When Light energy is brought into the body from the higher dimensions, being directed from the sky above us into the crown chakra and filling our channels with pure pranic life force, a release of blocked energies occurs simultaneously. This can often be experienced as a tantric energy flow, which is a side effect of this simultaneous influx of higher frequency energy and etheric release ✨

Tantric energy flow is the energy of ecstasy. It’s a natural, continuous experience of beings from the higher dimensions. As I mentioned yesterday in my post about kundalini, this experience can be ours too ✨

Light frequency is called Ka energy in Egyptian Tantra and is a higher dimensional energy that vibrates so fast, it cannot be seen with our eyes in our normal state of vision. When this energy flows into the pranic channels throughout the body, while letting go of denser energies, and interfacing with our Ka Light Body (or etherical twin) waves of tantra are the natural result of the linking with our higher dimensional self ✨

There are many Ka activations to go through in order to reach our final ascension. The authentic feeling of safety, love and appreciation for the female initiate is a key factor to be able to go through the different levels of initiations ✨

When we recognize our longing for unity with Higher Self and God/Goddess/ All That Is, we are able to initiate ourselves through invocation, receptivity and commitment to the goal of unification. This however asks for total dedication to our purification, and complete transcendence of our ego ✨

As we move from level to level of Ka activations, we begin to recognize that each is an initiation and an opening to the next release: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We will be tested to measure our spiritual dedication to our goal of ascension and Oneness. Our priorities reevaluated. And when we choose wisely, the Ka breaks through in a more permanent and forceful manner. Ego and past identities are shed as we accept our true identity without denying our humanness, while our Ka energy begins to heal our nervous system more deeply as a result of our letting go and acceptance ✨


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