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Diamond Matrix - Temples of Light

Today we’re closing the ceremony of our journey in the Sinai by the Red Sea, and we’ll send everyOne Diamond Light through the Diamond Matrix, Sinai Star~Gates and temples, we’ll be tuning into all the energies, to journey together as One ❤️

I need to integrate this journey, as it was extremely intense on so many levels. It all started with our Bedouin guide wounding himself with 2 sharp spikes from an acacia tree deep into his veins while preparing lunch, and seeing the blood 🩸 his body fell on the floor and got into a type of epileptic reaction. Looking back at it, we realized that this was our first group initiation, to bring him back to life. He wasn’t breathing anymore, his lips blue, his soul present in this world and in the beyond simultaneously, he was about to leave. By facing death as a group consciousness together, we became One Heart, One Mind, I have no other way to describe it ❤️

We’ve been experiencing Life in a state of heightened and loving awareness, impossible to believe this was just a few days, it truly feels like we’ve been traveling together for lifetimes ❤️

What creates the magic is sharing life with the same intentions back in nature in its most raw and ascended form. The landcruiser brought us to impressive rocky paths where only camels can go, and the many different landscapes with the red, yellow, white and black rocks looked like different planets and dimensions. Sleeping on the sand together, watching the open skies and stars together, eating from the same plates together, we’ve been living on top of each other like a tribe in such natural ways, it completely stretched my ideas of ‘a private me’, ‘social distancing’ or whatever ‘person’ we believe we have to protect. In our deep conversations by the fire, we’ve opened up to each other completely, sharing laughter, grief, anger, shame and the full scale of human experiences ❤️

That’s when the flow of Life becomes divine, offering overwhelming abundance in every breath and manifestation, effortlessly and spontaneously, we are Love ❤️


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