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Dance in my Flames

You didn’t meet me to receive my sweetness. You met me because you were meant to dance in my flames ✨

Not only am I here to practice loving kindness, at this time I’m mostly here to blast your Light ~ shining bright ~ slamming out our slaving mind ✨

Invite me, but never ask for shelter. It’s not my job. It’s nobody’s job. You shelter yourself ✨

We all have different movies to live through. We all have different challenges that will take us to different levels of the world ✨

Many of us will explore pain and grief, and many of us will explore love. I’m exploring it all, and quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all the same: a display of space and light ✨

The only thing that really matters is that you’re truly living your life. Your life! And all of the Wonder that it brings ✨

There‘s no plan, no guarantees, no nothing, no tomorrow. There‘s just life. And the security that comes with your own personal authority. You are okay!! ✨

You have precisely what it takes to Be Here. You have within you the ability to be able to navigate through everything and anything ✨

You have incredible gifts you’ve never tapped into. Levels of cognition existing within and throughout your body, informing you at levels beyond what you’ve ever imagined ✨

Learn how to make decisions as yourSelf. Remove the power of your mind to run your life. Be the master of your own destiny ✨

Stand strong in your own personal power and allow no~thing and no~one to pull you down. Including yourself! ✨

Dance your own unique way of Wild Being~ness within ✨

Dance the Stilness inside all past, present and future illusions. Don’t move! Dive into the NOW and stay there ✨

Let your inner fire burn you out without burning you up ✨

Like the sun rises in a crystal blue sky on a snowy mountain top, allow the ice~cold flames of pure Awareness to rise within you ✨

No blissfulness is more precious than the ultimate freedom of spacious awareness ✨

Let the raw, authentic realness of your Heart, body and breath stop all obsession and addiction to your grasping mind ✨

Simplicity will make you loose everything: embrace all loss, it’s a gate~way to your true nature ✨

Nothing ✨

Everything ✨

One ✨


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