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Believe in your Innocence

During our global spiritual retreat of #stayinghome together, we’re invited to light~ground our personal Choice of Freedom for our own journeys and for our global ascending collective. Things are changing on very deep levels and it’s the Love in us that actively co~creates this change through our unifying Hearts ✨

The flow of Love and self~worth are highly increasing on Earth, in contrary to what the mass media makes us believe. We are in an intense year of change, empowerment and freedom ✨

Can we think and feel without letting these thoughts and feelings define us, but instead, refine us? ✨

Innocence is a powerful, energetic force of openness. An excitement for knowledge. Passive, it seeks to connect ✨

It’s our inner sense of Joy. Being playful with Life. Ideally, it creates compassionate strength and clear discernment ✨

Because innocence is a natural openness, it’s subject to consumption in physicality, unless it’s carefully guarded and protected through conscious choice ✨

We can return to our un~touched Innocence through pleasure, beauty, awareness, patience and joyful discipline, by diving deeply within the depths of our feelings within all spectrums and expressions ✨

When we explore the infinite possibilities of going deep within the light, the dark and the mysterious of our inner Sacred Feminine, our breath reveals pure love and a deep longing for integration in many creative expressions ✨

When we remember our essence, and we’re courageous enough to meet our inner darkness, our inherent innocent nature is revealed. Through intention, awareness and sound, we’re able to activate the living light~codes of the New Earth templates, which have always been stored in our mountains, forests, oceans and rivers, and in the subatomic levels of our DNA ✨

Our gifts to humanity are hidden within our capacity to feel the heart~break of being alive on this planet, while taking the power to expand grace through the ecstasy of opening up into all of life’s sorrows and joys. Allowing the unknown, uncertainty, discomfort, doubt, and even our monkey mind within the spaciousness of the ‘beyond~knowing’ of our being~ness ✨


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