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Beauty as a spiritual tool, as a catalyst of consciousness, is a highly feminine tool. To disdain beauty, or to say beauty is not important, is to disdain female energy ✨

Beauty is a sign by which creation can show us that life makes sense. By the presence of beauty we can understand that the universe is driven by intentionality ✨

Beauty can be experienced as a celebration of the divine ✨

To understand the importance and power of beauty, you can look at places and situations where there is lack of beauty, for example urban ghettos, industrial areas and post-war landscapes. Lack of beauty is a result of lack of abundance and awareness, and the result of destructive and chaotic behaviour. It slows down access to the awareness of our true nature, because it creates sadness, melancholy and despair, and it reduces people's energy. Basically, lack of beauty is an obstacle to the divine flow in our lives ✨

The beauty of our environment recharges us, it re~connects us to our divine essence and reminds us of the beauty that lies within ourselves. External beauty is a catalyst of consciousness, because it reminds us of the true nature of our divine creations, spontaneously arising from our Source within ✨


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