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Accept to be fully unhappy

True happiness arises only if we accept to be fully unhappy, when we stop pressuring ourselves ✨

If we close our hearts from any type of feeling, we become numb and rigid, but if we open our hearts fully to feel more, including our fears, imperfections, vulnerabilities, jealousies, grief or anger, when we touch our true feelings at their core and we allow them to touch us fully, we’ll experience the deeper qualities of loving awareness ✨

Born anew from a place where bliss and boredom, unity and loneliness, clarity and confusion are all essential, integral, loved and fulfilling parts of wholeness ✨

Sorrow is a seed of joy, anger a seed of true love and our unfulfilled desires are a gateway to generosity. Embracing both dark and light, we realize our completeness by welcoming our inner demons with respect, allowing all trauma, terror and fear to gently arise from the deep, dark and frozen grounds of our being, knowing that only this raw and painfully inconvenient truth will warm and free our entire being ✨

Touching into the core of our sacred, divine anger arises a healthy, protective fire 🔥 helping humanity to go beyond fighting for truth, beyond all understandings of right and wrong, simply by radiating loving awareness and great compassion for all, directly, immediately, peacefully and fearlessly ✨

Breathing into our strengths and weaknesses, our pains and pleasures, integrating Life as it is without control, life~changing magic happens and we unlock our natural life~force and infinite potentialities. Our emotions, thoughts and feelings just wish to breath, express and move through our body as pure offerings before dissolving back into the one spacious source of awareness we all originate from in every moment ✨

Awakening oceans of virtuous feelings within our inner landscapes of silky, liquid bliss, we can fuel our passionate purposes by fiercely taking our rightful place in the endless play of all true nature’s great mysteries, embracing both universal creation and destruction without excuse ⚡️

Let’s be willing to fail, to fall and to simply not know. Let’s remember that our darkness is the seed of our light ✨

Happy 2022 everyOne from us 3 in Egypt ☀️


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