Petra Brussen & Hira Hosen

Blessings 🕊

I'm enchanted to share this sacred Heart Journey with my spiritual sister Petra Brussen. Petra & I share a very strong bond of remembrance of the divine feminine wisdom.

Vézelay is a special Place of Power in Bourgogne, France. All are invited ✨

Coming through for our journey this year 2019 is the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Brotherhood of the Light. Both Petra and I are deeply connected to the High Priests & Priestesses lineages of Lemuria and this year is full on Initiation time 🌹


The ‘Journey of the Heart’ in Vézelay is a week of embodying ascension, and is especially set around the day of the official national holiday of Ascension in France ✨

All participants who participated in May’18 have shared they experienced life changing shifts and deep realisations during the workshop, also during integration into their daily lives afterwards ✨

Quote: "The dynamics of Petra and Hira as one force during workshop were met with gratitude, as we all experienced a great complimentary divine embodiment coming through their working together." ✨


Petra and I are very much looking forward to the group dynamics of the souls participating in 2019. Deepening our Hearts Presence together, unfolding as one sacred space. Uniting with the galactic realms. Opening up to our divine potential. A week full of joy and divine Oneness ✨

Ready to join our Journey? Feel the call? 🌹


It's been over a decade I've lived in France with my family near the Magdalene areas, close to Rennes-le-Château. I've always known that one day I'd be working together with kindred souls to awaken the dormant light codes within our DNA, through the memories of the High Priests & Priestesses of the Isis lineage & the order of the Magdalenes. It will be our honour to remember, Be & work with You.

Here directly below you'll find some beautiful images both Petra and @hirahosen took in Vézelay. Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them. Additionally, there's an interview with Hira about Hearts Leadership, which Petra conducted during the summer of 2017 in Holland.


"WOW !!! Second workshop in less than 2 months. I really dove deeper in the healing process of my being and connected in a more profound way to the Sacered Space of My Heart. Thank You so much Hira for your Presence, your sensitive attention and care during these magical 4 days. From the Heart"

Henri Bayard, ATIH workshop, France, 2015

Welcome, I'm Hira 🕊 

I speak fluent English (EN), French (FR) & Dutch (NL).


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