HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart



We're living in a time of important revelations and healing. A time of great opportunities to express and manifest our Higher Self at the highest levels of love, freedom, partnership and cooperation.


We've reached a clean and clear time in history, where we can now choose to move into embodying the new paradigm without resistances or hardships, simply by shining our Light brightly and by staying in our own integrity. By expressing our natural high frequency at an emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual form.

If we do not follow through on our integrity and 'non-compromise', then the going will get tough! But the fact you're reading these words, it means you're well on your way on the path of liberation, together joining more and more individuals on our planet who are truly embodying their natural high frequency selves in their daily life, which is set to be easier and clearer as we go!


We're at the beginning of our consciously chosen physical reality experiences. Every breath we take we're co-creating the New Earth, how exciting! We're set to have more flexibility and a higher capacity to manifest what we truly want, and we can do it fast and effortlessly.

Inelia Benz & Hira Hosen, 2012 Barcelona



Inelia Benz and I met in the physical many times over the past years in diverse events in Spain, France, and in Inelia's home-town in the USA. First time was back in 2012 in Barcelona (see picture above) in a gathering with 100 beautiful souls, where we met in order to download a new Operating System for Humanity.


We also had the pleasure to be cruising on an Abraham Hicks cruise and visiting Majorca together (see images below) and finally, touring through the Vatican in Rome, together with Inelia's partner Larry Buzzell 🌸


I can’t count the number of different timelines I’ve jumped in and out of in this lifetime, also thanks to Inelia's shared knowledge. Inelia has always been an inspiring person for me since I first discovered her back in 2011, when she was asked by Source to go public ✨


Inelia is a ‘one time incarnate’ on our planet, which makes her so highly interesting to connect to. Without past or future lives, she has no hidden agenda other then to raise the frequency of our planet 🌏

Wish to get to know us a little better? In our conversation here below in 2018, we're going deeper into interesting topics like 'the shifting of timelines', 'embodying the new paradigm', 'power-objects', 'light & dark paradigm versus Oneness', and 'raising your vibration'.



My favourite ascension tool for the moment is Inelia's "Ascension Course" which I've used, and I'm still using repeatedly over the years. Therefore I can highly recommend it. In the below video, you can hear more of my personal experiences with this awesome course.


I've become an affiliate to Inelia's work, so I'm happy to be able to offer you a 10 percent discount on the course by using this coupon code :




You can find the Ascension Course on Inelia's website by touching/clicking here > Don't forget your coupon code 😅



Here are some of my favourite articles, free tools & ascension products on Inelia's website. You can simply click/touch the links to be redirected.


And yes, I've read and re-reading it all, and I've done all the courses & MP3's 😅😜😊


Reconnecting to the Spirit of Money

Fear processing exercise



Debt & enslavement

Are you a Bliss Junky and don’t know it?

Yes, let’s breath from our Heart Center

This article below came out in 2010, and I remember reading it the first time that I was afraid that ‘they’ would now 'know' that 'I know'... 😅 Well, I’m still here, still retaking power places all over the world, and guess what? Living in bliss more & more in every moment 🌹

The global elite, what can you do?


"I'm very impressed with the power of these teachings. Although most information is totally new to me, the easiness of the exercises are amazing. Hira Hosen is such a beautiful person and a great teacher. She makes it easy to absorb all information and provides you with a very loving, sacred and save environment to go through all the exercises. Wow what a delightfull being she is. It changed my life in a very positive way. It makes me feel more and more connected in every way. I will highly recommend Hira and this beautiful workshop. Thank you with all of my heart <3"

Anka Blankendaal, ATIH workshop, Amsterdam, 2012

HiRa Hosèn - Egypt

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