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Our 'Juicy Journey into our Sacred Feminine Power' in Ibiza is created to empower you and to raise your vibration by ways of deepening the awakening of your body, heart and soul. There's 2 workshops divided in 2 weekends. The contents of the weekend workshops is the same, but with different women, so feel free to join one or both workshops, you'll be received with much respect, honour, dignity and pleasure.

Combining the teachings of both Sylvie & HiRa, this journey will give you a splendid mix of going deep within the body through Core BodyWork with Sylvie, discovering our Sacred Feminine Power, and going deep within our Body, Heart & Soul with HiRa, discovering our Galactic Source within.


The first day with Sylvie in the morning, we’ll dive deeply into the sacred area of our feminine body, to become more familiar with the pelvis and its related structures. We'll learn to keep this area fit and healthy, strengthening each of the pelvic functions. The second day with Sylvie in the morning, we’ll perform specific exercises to restore the strength of the Core, boosting the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. 


Besides of the numerous health benefits, bringing loving awareness and gentle strength into the pelvis will also help the divine creative energy (sexuality) to flow more freely. With our physical practice in the morning, we’ll prepare and open our bodies to receive HiRa’s guidance into the feminine power in the afternoon.

HiRa theme for this workshop is: 'Be the conscious Co-Creator of Reality’. The first day, we’ll be activating our Source Light-Codes within our individual and collective DNA through the effective tools of healing, guided meditations & Light exercises. The second day, we’ll work with our Sacred Sexuality through Egyptian Tantra Technics, also taught by Mary Magdalene. 


When we empower ourselves and dissolve all programs of feminine oppression from a place of fearlessness and impeccable integrity, we create an energetic map, a resonance, which activates the feminine side of hundreds of individuals around us, both male & female. We no longer ‘save’ the world, but we literally stop what’s happening because it simply doesn’t fit our chosen reality any longer. Let’s liberate our physical, emotional, ego, mental and energy bodies of any enslaving programs of separation.


Let’s nourish, educate and celebrate our feminine side!


HiRa & Sylvie are very happy to guide this Sacred Journey together. HiRa & Sylvie met in Ibiza in 2012 and their soul-sister connection grows deeper every day. Rather than fitting in specific roles of 'being a teacher', together with the group we will move and go deep as a Unity. In this way we will be able to respond to all personal and collective needs as they open up during our sacred time together.


More about HiRa here.

About Sylvie Bader:


"I am Sylvie Bader. I was born in France and live on the wonderful island of Ibiza since over 20 years. I'm the mother of two beautiful, grown up daughters and I'm a passionate Yoga teacher.


I've started my journey into Yoga in 1991. It was actually a back pain that led me to my first class, and wow, this has completely changed my life. As I was performing my first posture lasting 5 minutes (it was an Iyengar style class) and I had a deep revelation: this is what I want to do!! This felt so amazing, so right for me! In the same year I signed up for a Hatha-Yoga teacher training in Munich, where I lived for 10 years and I teach Yoga from my Heart ever since.


Years later in Ibiza, during a reading of my Akashic Records, I received the information that in a past life I was a respected Yogi and teacher in India... So this was the feeling of coming home which I felt all along!


Since a few years , I feel it's important to teach how to practice safely and efficiently. Alignment is important, but a strong core is crucial to support our spine and inner organs. To centre the body and the mind with the support of the pelvic floor muscles and deep abdominal muscles is my focus in the practice.


In my own personal journey as a woman I've felt the call to get more in touch with my centre and  my feminine pelvis. I've explored and studied deeply the whole area of the pelvis and I've decided to share my discoveries with other women in a workshop that I call: ‘A juicy journey of self discovery into the pelvis.’ The feedback was amazing! Now I've created a follow up of this workshop called: ‘A juicy journey of self empowerment into the pelvis.’


This work strengthens the muscles of your physical pelvis, and it very often awakens memories stored in our tissues and heal the emotional body. Finally, there's a storage of divine energy in our sacrum (sacred bone) so from this part of our body, we can activate our light body and our sacred sexuality.

My style of teaching has been refined over the years thanks to the inspiring teachers that I've met along the way, also in India, and in the many different kinds of Yoga I've tried out. I've made up my own personal style, and its strongly inspired by the Iyengar method, strong and precise Hatha Yoga, combined with restorative postures. I decided to add into the practice the aspect of the bandhas like Mula-Bandha (involving the pelvic floor) and Uddiyana-Bandha (involving the deep abdominals) to intensify the awareness into our CENTRE."




In times of a great shift of awakening, like the one we’re experiencing on our planet today, we journey to Sacred Sites of heightened spiritual energies as contact with these energy-lines (below and above the earth) work like a spiritual catalyst to our awakenings ✨


The whole island of Ibiza is such a Sacred Site, containing the templates of our New Earth. For example the island of Es Vedra is known to be one of the strongest magnetic pulls we can experience on our Earth today.


Sacred Sites are imbedded and encoded with the resonance and energetic signatures of the already existing high frequencies of the Earth, and it is here where these frequencies can be most easily & directly accessed, remembered and received.

It's true that we don’t have to be in a specific location to connect with the energy of a place. What our Sacred Site tours & workshops bring forth is a sacred Journey, a healing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within. When you show up at a location you were connected to in the past, you open a portal to that past and these openings can allow major inner shifts to occur.


When you decide to be in a specific Sacred Site location, it opens up ways for miracles to happen in ease, grace and fun. This opening of portals allows for personal and collective repairs, reprogramming and repositioning of the circumstances that caused certain rifts in the fabric of the reality in the past. Those choosing to be present in this way co-create significant shifts in the human collective.


Read more on the present-day Magdalene here: https://www.tantraoftheheart.com/mary-magdalene



The work will be highly experiential, meaning: less talking, and more focus on experiencing and sharing. Of course there will always be time & space made available for questions. There will be deep breathing, awakening meditations, Sacred Sexuality explorations, Source channeling, healing, initiations & different Light exercises 💠

When we work with our Sacred Sexuality, we will receive gentle visualisations, knowing, sensing, and experiencing high vibrational spectrums of light. We will softly bring our physical, mental, emotional, ego and energetic bodies online without being in a rush, by taking our time in open space, while working with gentle body movements. Guided by our own inner attention and warm awareness, our conscious breath and prana will be moving deeply into our channels and chakra's, awakening and activating new and deeper levels of perception and feeling.

Some exercises will be channeled through HiRa & Sylvie 'on the go’. From HiRa & Sylvie's depth of experiences of the last 2 decades of following many highly respected teachers and teaching themselves, HiRa & Sylvie have gathered & practised countless methods & techniques of awakening & ascension. Next to a set-up structure, the group will be guided in the truth & liberation of the moment ✨ In such a way the new earth timelines will organically grow from within all those who are present, as each one of us has a unique gift and perception of the New Earth.


Be prepared to be moved deeply within. Being guided by Source in the moment brings forth a playing field of working and being together which gives tailor-made meditations & exercises, responding to the specific needs of the group and the individuals present, the area and the Human collective, all in harmony with the highest good of all worlds.



We will work through direct Source guidance. Depending on the moment, we will also work with the guidance of Gaia, the Mother Crystals (earth keepers), the 5 elements (space, water, fire, air & earth) and the human collective 💠


We might also work with several powerful spiritual guides, like for example the Sisterhood of the Rose, the order of Melchizedek, Isis, the Magdalene lineage, the Mahatma (avatar of synthesis) and the 6th dimensional group consciousness of the Hathors & Arcturians. 




Part of our work is to unlock the activation keys of dormant light codes in the ancient power-places, new Earth grids and in our DNA via ways of guided meditations. By visiting the Sacred Sites and walking the leylines (energy-lines or kundalini) of the Earth, we will be anchoring the different crystalline grids existing in and around the Earth.  We will also be working with the high frequencies of the diamond light codes.


If you don’t know what light codes and/or earth grids are, no worries, just follow your intuition and resonance, explanations & mostly your own experiences will follow during the workshops ✨

« DNA is a multi-dimensional structure which has its roots in the Twelfth Dimension and passes through all of the Dimensions into the Third, and the structures of life are then built upon it. Therefore truly each cell of your body is a gateway to the higher Dimensions. » 


We highly recommend to take at least a day free after the workshop to integrate all the energies that have activated, moved & shifted.


We highly recommend to mainly read 'The Magdalen Manuscript' by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion. If you're eager for more, HiRa also recommends 'Anna, grandmother of Jesus', by Claire Heartsong.


"I had the most powerful and mind blowing experience spiritually and humanly!! Everything could not have been more perfect then at this workshop with Hira in Ibiza. The location was wonderful, the team working with Hira was just so loving and carrying for us (the students). All the students at the workshop was the nicest people I had ever meet. It feels like family. And Hira is just an INCREDIBLE woman!! So loving and so generous. Thank you for bringing me home finally and activating my power. PS: tu devrais être remboursée par le sécurité sociale ;-) LOVE & PEACE to everyone ..."

Melody Griffet, ATIH workshop, Ibiza, 2016

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