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HiRa wishes to bring you to the famous sacred power places & temples to remember, to experience and to be on the exact ascension level you feel most comfortable with. These journeys of empowerment are to bring in the New Earth timelines ✨


In times of a great shift of awakening, like the one we’re experiencing on our planet today, we journey to sacred sites of heightened spiritual energies, as contact with these energy-lines (below and above the earth) work like a spiritual catalyst to our awakenings ✨


The Sacred Sites are imbedded and encoded with the resonance and energetic signatures of the already existing high frequencies of the Earth, and it is here where these frequencies can be most easily & directly accessed, remembered and received.


The message of empowerment is very simple: for each of us to raise our personal and collective vibrational level. Knowing that each of us is a Powerful Divine Being. A Creator of our own reality.


Most of us have been creating unconsciously in the past, mostly creating to the models of other people. Now it’s time to be the powerful coCreators whom we’ve always known to Be. When our vibration rises, our awareness expands, we become more conscious.


We are able to start creating Consciously by becoming the Conscious users of our own Power ✨Awakening the wisdom of our human collective.


As a human collective, we’ve made the transition into a New Earth. The earth has ascended! In the next 2 or 3 decades, those who choose to be born on our planet will be those on a very high frequency, and it will be harder and harder for the lower frequencies to stay on our planet while we raise our vibration exponentially ✨


When a mixed group of souls work together from the Heart, honouring each other as divine beings, we are able to call forth, receive and manifest an enormous amount of Light for the benefit of humanity and all sentient beings. We’re offered the opportunity to merge the divine feminine and the divine masculine within ourselves, not only on a personal level but also on a global scale.


With all the spiritual electricity now becoming available on the New Earth, we are invited as groups to come together to channel, stream and spread this clear light ✨



EveryOne is invited, everyOne is welcome 💠


Share your wisdom and your unique gifts with us & with the world. You're more than welcome to be yourself and to join in exactly as you are. Let’s step together from duality into a new & ancient field of Unity Consciousness, where unification of our inner male & female happen spontaneously and effortlessly, where living from our Hearts becomes the new normal.



HiRa’s « New Earth Journeys of Empowerment » are all about being empowered. About your own connection to Source.


For our individual & collective healing, our focus will be on the embodiment of different spiritual & mystical skills, which are laying dormant in many of us. We will also be working with our different bodies (physical, emotional, ego, mental & spiritual/energy bodies) through the 5 sacred elements: space, earth, water, fire & air ✨



Experience the feeling of a mix of expanded awareness, grounded within the physical body, while remembering divine parts of yourSelf who were long, long forgotten. There’s a high potential in these workshops for long lasting inner shifts and life changing insights. A clearing of old karmic blockages. A stepping into higher frequencies of Light ✨ A remembering why you’re here on this planet. Now.


You may expect to feel more space inside of yourself. Not only during the event, but also when you continue your journey. Feeling genuinely inspired ✨ Feeling the buzz of your inner sacred fire. Deep moments of being in a state of profound inner peace.

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The Earth has ascended. We made it :-) Today it’s all about experiencing & celebrating the New Earth, sharing the fun, ease, grace and healing, and sharing the remembering of our origins. It’s not about 'the teacher' or 'the leader' anymore channeling all the information, or giving the transmission for the masses. Not in our workshops anyway.


HiRa is full of Joy to be your ascension guide, allowing Source to unfold the ancient mysteries within our personal & collective memories.



We will mostly work through direct Source guidance. Depending on the moment, we will also work with the guidance of Gaia, the Mother Crystals (earth keepers), the 5 elements (space, water, fire, air & earth) and the human collective ✨

We will also work with several powerful spiritual guides, like for example the order of Melchizedek, Isis, the Magdalene lineage, the Mahatma (avatar of synthesis) and the 6th dimensional group consciousness of the Hathors & Arcturians. 


Part of our work is to unlock the activation keys of dormant light codes in the ancient power-places, new Earth grids and in our DNA via ways of guided meditations. By visiting the Sacred Sites and walking the leylines (energy-lines or kundalini) of the Earth, we will be anchoring the different crystalline grids existing in and around the Earth.  We will also be working with the high frequencies of the diamond light codes.


If you don’t know what light codes and/or earth grids are, no worries, just follow your intuition and resonance, explanations & mostly your own experiences will follow during the workshops ✨

« DNA is a multi-dimensional structure which has its roots in the Twelfth Dimension and passes through all of the Dimensions into the Third, and the structures of life are then built upon it. Therefore truly each cell of your body is a gateway to the higher Dimensions. » 


"In so many ways, Hira is the embodiment of these teachings. I am forever grateful and connected to her. And I appreciate and respect so much the way she positions herself in the teachings... not as a master, not as one who is realized leading others who are not... but as a friend, a comrade, a collaborator on the path, showing the way with love, a light heart, laughter, and humility. This was by far one of the most meaningful and formative experiences of my life. Thank you. I love you! Raaaawwwr! *tiger roar*"

Katie Walsh, ATIH workshop, Egypt, 2016


Welcome, I'm Hira 🕊 

I speak fluent English (EN), French (FR) & Dutch (NL).


I receive a lot of emails & social media messages. Please respect my private life and understand I don't have the time to answer all requests, including questions about your personal lifestream ✨

I'm very grateful to offer you my free guided meditations & vlogs private sessions, online classes, workshops & tours: Services. Let's raise our vibration together 💠


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