The resonance of joy and excitement ✨🌕💫
   will change the world 🌎✨


Ayako Sekino

Return to your true Essence 💠


Workshop with Ayako Sekino in Amsterdam 

On the 11th of the 11th 2017, Ayako shared her light for the first time in Amsterdam 💫 Such a pure Joy to host Ayako! Amsterdam proofed to be a perfect portal to ground Ayako's Living Light in Europe ✨
We invite You to take part in this resonance of light, wherever you are in the world and at whatever moment 💠 You can connect while taking the whole workshop online now.
If it resonates with you, we will be shifting the energies of our collective past together 🌕✨ Let's accelerate even faster into the light.
Click/touch the link here to receive the workshop for free!
Ayako Sekino:
"Yes! It is now possible to "live awake" on this Earth as our true higher selves, in pure excitement." 🏵


During Ayako's workshop we felt a major shift. Not only within ourselves, also on a planetary level 🏵🌟
We've co-created a lasting impact on the Earth 🌏💫
With deep gratitude, we thank the full universal family and each & everyOne of You for your coCreation & presence.


Ayako's journey began with an extraordinary meeting with Bashar in 1987 🐬 during which Ayako acquired a profound understanding of how we create our reality and how we can easily re-create it 💖
After 2 years of channeling Bashar in public, Ayako decided to let go of this medium of expression to awaken to her True Self 🌸 applying Bashar's message to all aspects of her life 🌼
Ayako Sekino & Bashar
In 2000, Ayako developed 'Infini'  an easy to apply method to raise our vibration and to 'live awake' within our own dimension and universal consciousness 💫
Today, Ayako lives a fully realized 4D Consciousness 💠 Ayako's presence is an invitation to shift to our true dimension of being 🏵 beyond the limitations of our Earth experience. Expressing that all dimensions are accessible to anyone who desires to awaken.

🐬 Ayako in Action 🐬

Feel free to discover more videos of Ayako 💠 on youtube (here) 💠 and/or 💠 visit Ayako's website & "Living Light Library" (here) 💠


"From the first moment I saw Ayako in her presentation the 'Vision for a New Earth' I was deeply moved inside 💠 ~~~ I couldn't stop watching for 3 hours and I have played it over & over again in the past 6 years ! 🏵 


The way Ayako shines so bright ✨ the way she moves 💫the way she expresses herself ~~~ so gentle, so powerful, so free, so light, so graceful, so profoundly inspiring 🐬 

When I met Ayako in private this year in Paris  ~~ a world of possibilities opened up for me 🌺


 Ayako and I worked together ~~ applying her 'Infini method' 🍀 ~~ and in a very short amount of time ~~ I could release a very dense vibration I was carrying with me for centuries!

I was feeling so free when we walked into that field of light ✨ ~~ once this vibration was released ~~ it was almost like I was surprised 💠 ~~ like "Really? Can it be this easy!?!"


I'm very happy 💥 and I'm very excited 💫 Ayako will come to Amsterdam to share her essence ~~ her Living Light ✨ ~~ a dream come true." 💖


HiRa Hosèn 🕊

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