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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
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The Avalon Priestess - Sacred Women's Journey is created to empower you and to raise your vibration by ways of deepening the awakening of your heart. This workshop carries Mary Magdalene's energetic imprint. Mary and many other members of the Essene community established themselves first in the land of Gaul (France) and later, together with other members of the community, she moved to Avalon in the UK (modern Glastonbury).

HiRa theme for this workshop is: 'Be the conscious Co-Creator of Reality’.


The first day, we’ll be activating our Source Light-Codes within our individual and collective DNA through the effective tools of healing, guided meditations & Light exercises. The second day, we’ll work with our Sacred Sexuality through Egyptian Tantra Technics, also taught by Mary Magdalene. 

Part of our work in this workshop will be to remember and re-activate these High Priests & Priestesses lineages of the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Brotherhood of the Light, as well as the memories of the Melchizedek, Isis, the Essenes and the Magdalene lineage ✨ 


We might also be working with ascension columns (pillars of light), ascension flames, core-fear-matrix removals and many more effective tools by ways of meditations, healings, toning, light language, but let's see what will be asked of us, it's also depending on the energies and requests from the present attendants during workshop and the dynamics of the group  ✨

Glastonbury - Avalon Priestess - Hira Hosen - Sacred Women Journey - Mary Magdalene


When Mary Magdalene continued teaching, she named her ministry 'The Way of Love'.

Read more on the present-day Magdalene here: https://www.tantraoftheheart.com/mary-magdalene


HiRa wishes to bring you to the Abbey Grounds on the first day, and the famous sacred site of the Tor on the second day, which contain some of the most powerful energy vortexes in Glastonbury, for you to remember, to experience and to be on the exact ascension level you feel most comfortable with. This journey of empowerment is for us to embody the New Earth timelines. 


In times of a great shift of awakening, like the one we’re experiencing on our planet today, we journey to these sacred sites of heightened spiritual energies as contact with these energy-lines (below and above the earth) work like a spiritual catalyst to our awakenings ✨


Sacred Sites are imbedded and encoded with the resonance and energetic signatures of the already existing high frequencies of the Earth, and it is here where these frequencies can be most easily and directly accessed, remembered and received.

Glastonbury - Avalon Priestess - Hira Hosen - Sacred Women Journey - Mary Magdalene


"The New Earth is Now"


Hira Hosèn is enchanted to offer this sacred journey & opportunity to celebrate, breath, embody and manifest Gaia’s highest vibration now ✨


Glastonbury is said to be the Heart Chakra of the world. It’s an energy vortex complex, carrying many ancient portals to the magical realms of Gaia (Mother Earth), which first opened about 13.000 years ago. These realms are all coming back online through the collective work we do here ✨

The Magdalen light~codes are now awakening in our DNA. We’re living in a time where prophecies are manifesting, a time of degeneration, a time of total mind control, a return of the golden Age of Enlightenment. It doesn't really matter what we call it, we’re living it right Now ✨

When we fulfil our purpose, when we discover our reason for coming to Earth long ago, there’s an acceleration in the amount of possibilities of expansion in our field of awareness. Life will know we’re ready and will use us for the benefit of all. Our life flow will be guided by divine alignment, we become open, pure magic in form. The more we can let life be life, we’ll come to understand life is not about you or me, but about all of us, for all of us ✨


We will reach deep into our cellular Avalon memories and become the High Priestesses we already are. We will work with GAIA and her many now activating crystalline grids 💫


We will also visit different power places in Glastonbury, like the Abbey grounds and the legendary Tor and spend time ‘being’ there together and visit the other realms through the many newly available portals there. 


We love to keep our program open, so there’s gentle space for us all to go into whatever arises in ourselves, the locations, and our human collective at that moment. So our program will have parts where we are completely open, resting in awareness, to feel the flow of that which wishes to arise within us as a group, and parts of our program which are fixed, a commitment,  and an offering.



All souls in a female body who feel called to deepen their awakening are very welcome in this workshop. It doesn't matter what background you have, religion or upbringing, whether you have experience or not in meditation or spirituality, you are very welcome to join exactly as you are.


This workshop will be given in English. If you need translation of certain specific words in Dutch (NL) or French (FR), please ask HiRa, she will be happy to translate certain words during the course.

Glastonbury - Avalon Priestess - Hira Hosen - Sacred Women Journey - Mary Magdalene


During our first Avalon Priestess Journey, back in 2018, we were accompanied by many rainbows on our journeys. Some of the Priestesses have seen 7 double rainbows in total... HiRa took these pictures (click on the images here below) of the Rainbows appearing above our venue at the moment we started our journey... Pure Magic!


Glastonbury - Double rainbows over our venue

Glastonbury - Double rainbows over our venue

Glastonbury - Double rainbows over our venue

Glastonbury - Double rainbows over our venue

Glastonbury - our Sacred Space

Glastonbury - our Sacred Space


"I want to thank you Hira & Chloe for the amazing workshop Avalon Priestess - Sacred Women's Pilgrimage in Glastonbury that has been really amazing, the best I have experienced. The Abbey House was the perfect location where it was possible to enjoy amazing inspiring views: being surrounded by Nature was a great support for the energetic work.


Both Hira and Chloe are beautiful souls who are able to share their knowledge and experience totally from the Heart. They have so different personalities but they are able to melt together so perfectly. They had the ability, together with all the beautiful Priestesses who joined in, to create a sacred feminine space where we all have felt protected, acknowledged and loved.


We had the chance to open up for a deep healing within ourselves and to reach out to a very high level of awareness. There's a strong bond that created itself spontaneously among us which will always be there beyond time and space. Difficult to transcribe this magic with words! I want to express my deep gratitude and blessings for their work, highly recommended. Looking forward to the next experience! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart"

Silvia Mariti, Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage, Glastonbury 2018

HiRa Hosèn - Egypt

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