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🌸 11-13th of October 2019, by HiRa Hosèn & Chloe Mercer

To go directly to the 'The Avalon Priestess' booking & payment information, click/touch here

✨ All info about the 'The Avalon Priestess' venue, time-schedule & accommodation, scroll down or click/touch here


The Avalon Priestess - Sacred Women's Pilgrimage is created to empower you and to raise your vibration by ways of deepening the awakening of your heart. This workshop carries Mary Magdalene's energetic imprint. When Mary Magdalene continued teaching in France & the UK (Avalon, the modern Glastonbury) after the resurrection of her beloved Yeshua, she and many other members of the Essene community established themselves in Glastonbury.

Part of our work in this workshop will be to remember and re-activate these High Priests & Priestesses lineage of the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Brotherhood of the Light, as well as memories of the Melchizedek, Isis, the Essenes and the Magdalene lineage ✨ 


We will connect with our inner Source and go in a deep meditative state. Every class is with different Ascension Activations. Source might guide us to call in the new earth timelines by remembering and activating the source and light codes in our individual and collective DNA ✨


We might also be working with ascension columns (pillars of light), ascension flames, core-fear-matrix removals and many more effective tools by ways of meditations, healings, toning, light language, but let's see what will be asked of us, it's also depending on the energies and requests from the present attendants during workshop and the dynamics of the group  ✨

When we are present, we are continuously


When Mary Magdalene continued teaching after the resurrection of her beloved Yeshua, she and many other members of the Essene community established themselves first in the land of Gaul (France) and later, together with other members of the community, she moved to Avalon in the UK (modern Glastonbury). She named her ministry 'The Way of Love'.

Read more on the present-day Magdalene here:


HiRa & Chloe wish to bring you to the famous sacred sites and powerful energy vortexes in Glastonbury to remember, to experience and to be on the exact ascension level you feel most comfortable with. This journey of empowerment is for us to bring in the New Earth timelines. 


In times of a great shift of awakening, like the one we’re experiencing on our planet today, we journey to these sacred sites of heightened spiritual energies as contact with these energy-lines (below and above the earth) work like a spiritual catalyst to our awakenings ✨


Sacred Sites are imbedded and encoded with the resonance and energetic signatures of the already existing high frequencies of the Earth, and it is here where these frequencies can be most easily & directly accessed, remembered and received.


We will physically visit the sacred sites during our spiritual journey together, like the legendary Tor, Wearyall-hill (with the holy thorn bush seeded by Joseph of Armithea) and the Chalice Wells (White Springs).


✨ HIRA about CHLOE

Chloe and I met around the winter solstice in December 2014 in Glastonbury. Chloe's depth and wisdom have always moved me and I'm very happy and honoured  to be sharing this sacred journey experience with her. I'd love to use some of Chloe's words (in her message to me back in 2014) for our Sacred Women's pilgrimage here, as a message to all Women who feel the call to join us:


*May we all experience the nectar of our heart expressing forth for all as One. In the timeless space where we will meet, may we experience the pure pulse point of creation coming into unified form through our bodies, hearts and souls. Serene stillness, filled with cosmic potential in every breath, in every moment as One* 


*Goddesses of the heart, pillars of crystalline light, I Am eternally grateful for your steps of love remembrance that you bestow upon Gaia, Humanity and All* 


All is *whole, complete, perfect and pure*

Will you hear the call and feel the vibration of our invitation?"



"The New Earth is Now"


Chloe Mercer and Hira Hosèn are enchanted to offer this sacred journey & opportunity to celebrate, breath and manifest Gaia’s highest vibration now. 


We will reach deep into our cellular Avalon memories and become the High Priestesses we already are. We will work with GAIA & her many now activating crystalline grids 💫


We will also visit the different power places in and around Glastonbury, like the Abbey grounds, the legendary Tor, Wearyall-hill (with the holy thorn bush seeded by Joseph of Armithea) and we'll spend private time in the Chalice wells (Red Spring) & White Springs. In the white Source cave, we will have the opportunity to bath in the holy & sacred waters while being in a ceremonial sacred space, lit with candle light. At a given moment we will be visiting the impressive Tor and spend time ‘being’ there together.

We love to keep our program open, so there’s gentle space for us all to go into whatever arises in ourselves, the locations, and our human collective at that moment. So our program will have parts where we are completely open, resting in awareness, to feel the flow of that which wishes to arise within us as a group, and parts of our program which are fixed, a commitment,  and an offering.


As part of our spiritual journey we will receive a womb blessing and connect & reactivate our three main body centres: the third eye, the sacred heart and the sacred womb.


Chloe will be guiding a Pleiadean & Sirian Tantric practice, where we will become aware of our infinity channels within the body. It’s a combination of breath-work, body movement, light language and sound. 


During the weekend also, Hira will guide several meditations into the Sacred Heart Space. We will receive the cosmic rays of light into our essence of being. We will connect, release and activate our New Earth Diamond Light Codes. Let's see if a Light Language Transmission wishes to come through?

✨ TIME-SCHEDULE, 11-13th of OCTOBER 2019

We start at 10am every day. Friday we’ll finish around 6pm. Saturday we’ll continue until 7pm. Sunday there will be a closing ceremony around 4pm, we will have tea and raw treats afterwards to integrate, ground and unwind 💫


Chloe Mercer




All women are invited, all women are welcome 💠

All women who feel called to deepen their Hearts awakening is very welcome in this workshop. It doesn't matter what background you have, religion or upbringing, whether you have experience or not in meditation or spirituality, you are very welcome to join exactly as you are.


This workshop will be given in English. If you need translation of certain specific words in Dutch (NL) or French (FR), please ask Hira, she will be happy to translate certain words during the course.



The workshop will unfold in the magnificent Abbey House with majestic views on the Abbey grounds. It's energetically a very powerful place, like the rest of Glastonbury, as it's right on the Earth's Heart chakra's ley-lines that run below the Tor.

During our journey in 2018, we were accompanied by many rainbow on our journeys. Some of the Priestesses have seen 7 double rainbows in total... Hira took these pictures (click on the images here below) of the Rainbows appearing above our venue, the Abbey House, at the moment we started our pilgrimage... Pure Magic!


For all meal possibilities in the Glastonbury area, there's many restaurants with delicious food with vegan, organic, gluten free options. If you'd like to be sure to eat at your preferred choice, feel free to book your seats with those restaurants directly in advance.

Your diet: please abstain from drinking coffee and/or tea (herbal teas are OK) and try to not use toothpaste with fluoride (buy your toothpaste in the bio shop), filter your water, etc. If you're new in this, you could do some research on pineal gland detox on youtube & google. This is in order for your pineal gland to be clean, as we will be opening our third eye during class.


This is optional, it's totally your own choice. We're suggesting this only as a help, not as a must :-) Many people also don't eat onions & garlic for the reason of creating alpha waves more easily in this way. Again, do a little research yourself and only follow what's right for you at this time.



We can highly recommend Lantern Cottage for affordable and peaceful accommodation. Participants can directly contact Anaïs here for direct bookings.

For other options of accommodation, have a Google around, Glastonbury has many magnificent hotels, B&B's & inns close by our venue. 


There will be an altar set up during the workshop to anchor the energies of our space & all of our experiences. If you want to bring some of your sacred objects to share and/or to charge up with our accumulated loving energies, please feel free to do so. By the end of the workshops, our altars are usually beaming, glowing, shining & full of light, so let's join forces :-)


The total fee for the workshop experience is £444, which is all included for the workshop, all entrees, ceremonies and visits.


To reserve your seat please pay a non refundable deposit of £144 and pay your balance in cash at your arrival. Feel free to contact us for any other ways of payment & instalments by contacting Chloe at

You can instantly & securely pay your £144  deposit via all credit cards and/or PayPal here (click/touch here). You don't need a PayPal account to pay via credit card. You will receive an automatic confirmation email directly after your payment. If the above link doesn't work, feel free to try this direct Paypal link or contact us directly here:

If you've paid in full, the workshop can be cancelled under the following conditions: (1) Full refund will be given for cancellations made prior to July 1st 2019 minus a £50,- processing fee, (2) Cancellations made between July 1st – August 1st 2019, will receive a 60% refund, (3) No refunds will be issued for cancelations made on, or after August 1st, 2019.


Deposits are non refundable. However, you can give your place to a person of your choosing.


Based on our financial commitments, we will not be able to accept exceptions on these conditions. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Magdalene journey day 2 💠 We’ve discove


The work will be highly experiential, meaning: less talking, and more focus on experiencing and sharing. Ofcourse there will always be time & space made available for questions. There will be awakening Heart meditations, Source channeling, toning, healing, initiations, Sacred Site visiting & different Light exercises 💠


The different exercises will be channeled through us 'on the go’. From our depth of experiences of the last 2 decades of following many highly respected teachers and teaching ourselves, we've gathered & applied countless methods & techniques of awakening & ascension.


Rather than setting up a plan or an outline, we prefer to guide our groups in the truth & liberation of the moment ✨ In such a way the new earth timelines will organically grow from within all those who are present, as each of us has a unique gift and perception of the New Earth.


Be prepared to be moved deeply within. Being guided by Source in the moment brings forth a playing field of working and being together which gives tailor-made meditations & exercises, responding to the specific needs of the group, the individuals present, the area and the Human collective, all in harmony with the highest good of all worlds.



We will work through direct Source guidance. Depending on the moment, we will also work with the guidance of Gaia, the Mother Crystals (earth keepers), the 5 elements (space, water, fire, air & earth) and the human collective 💠


We will work with several powerful spiritual guides, like for example the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Brotherhood of the Light, the order of Melchizedek, Isis, the Magdalene lineage, the Mahatma (avatar of synthesis) and the 6th dimensional group consciousness of the Hathors, Pleiadeans, Sirians & Arcturians. 




Part of our work is to unlock the activation keys of dormant light codes in the ancient power-places, New Earth grids and in our DNA via ways of guided meditations. By visiting the Sacred Sites and walking the ley-lines (energy-lines or kundalini) of the Earth, we will be anchoring the different crystalline grids existing in and around the Earth.  We will also be working with the high frequencies of the diamond light codes.


If you don’t know what light codes and/or earth grids are, no worries, just follow your intuition and resonance, explanations & mostly your own experiences will follow during the workshops ✨

« DNA is a multi-dimensional structure which has its roots in the Twelfth Dimension and passes through all of the Dimensions into the Third, and the structures of life are then built upon it. Therefore truly each cell of your body is a gateway to the higher Dimensions. » 


We highly recommend for you to take at least (!) a day free after the workshop to integrate all the energies that have activated, moved & shifted.


We highly recommend to mainly read 'Anna, grandmother of Jesus', by Claire Heartsong. If you're eager for more, Hira also recommends 'Anna, voice of the Magdalenes' by Claire Heartsong, 'The Magdalen Manuscript' by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion, and the three books written by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis.

We arrived home after our Magdalene Jour

"I want to thank you Hira & Chloe for the amazing workshop Avalon Priestess - Sacred Women's Pilgrimage in Glastonbury that has been really amazing, the best I have experienced. The Abbey House was the perfect location where it was possible to enjoy amazing inspiring views: being surrounded by Nature was a great support for the energetic work.


Both Hira and Chloe are beautiful souls who are able to share their knowledge and experience totally from the Heart. They have so different personalities but they are able to melt together so perfectly. They had the ability, together with all the beautiful Priestesses who joined in, to create a sacred feminine space where we all have felt protected, acknowledged and loved.


We had the chance to open up for a deep healing within ourselves and to reach out to a very high level of awareness. There's a strong bond that created itself spontaneously among us which will always be there beyond time and space. Difficult to transcribe this magic with words! I want to express my deep gratitude and blessings for their work, highly recommended. Looking forward to the next experience! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart"

Silvia Mariti, Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage, Glastonbury 2018

HiRa Hosèn - Egypt

Welcome, I'm Hira 🕊 

I speak fluent English (EN), French (FR) & Dutch (NL).


I receive a lot of emails & social media messages. Please respect my private life and understand I don't have the time to answer all requests, including questions about your personal lifestream ✨

I'm very grateful to offer you my free guided meditations & vlogs private sessions, online classes, workshops & tours: Services. Let's raise our vibration together 💠


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