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In these sessions I'll create a Oneness field, which can be described as a field of high vibrational energy that feels like pure unconditional love. You will be safe and free to experience life as Oneness, tuning into its vibration, carrying the possibility to experience an expanded heart space and an alignment with Source. This allows us to clear out old programs & belief patterns. Different methods are used like spontaneous meditations, healing tools, toning, self-reflection & different techniques of processing 🌸

You can experience these sessions on different levels and in a wide variety/scale within the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or ego planes. We could be traveling, healing, releasing, grounding, and/or experiencing ecstasy. We'll be able to expand our vision & awareness by tuning into the Oneness vibration, and we can go as close as you choose to go. Be warned that sometimes there can be a distinct feeling of "loosing" oneself, which can scare the ego into stopping the session 🏵

Through these sessions many have the possibility to catalize changes in their daily life, because life will align & stabilize with their primal soul journey here on Earth. If you're already well along the way on your souls journey, the changes won't be so intense but smoother, in an easy & graceful way ✨


My personal focus during the sessions is to guide the participants to become their own healer, through ways of reconnecting to the excitement & empowerment within their own infinite self. Occasionally other methods are used like overtone singing, healing or inviting guidance of one of the many collective consciousness groups available like the Hathors, Melchizedek, Mahatma and/or the Essenes (Order of the Magdalenes / Isis)


The sessions will be different for every person, in order to fit the uniqueness, timeline and needs of the person receiving the session. For example, many people on our planet today have ancient, yet dormant, light codes within their DNA. Through connecting to our human collective consciousness, I love to guide the participants into remembering and activating their own dormant crystalline & diamond light codes, DNA & frequencies. In this way we can manifest accelerated high vibrational timelines together 💎

Feel free to book your online session here


"Hi Ra, that night after the dance, when you played your crystal, golden bowl, it was an amazing session. When you began, it was full of pleasure like sensations running through my body. You widen my crown chakra and released a pain in my back. Then, when you were at my heart and lower down my body, I felt some form of liquid love running towards my heart and I felt like you kissed my feet. I had a sensation of being Jesus. Really beautiful experience."

Néstor Salazar, Ascension Session, NL, 2017

HiRa Hosèn - Egypt

Welcome, I'm Hira 🕊 

I speak fluent English (EN), French (FR) & Dutch (NL).


I receive a lot of emails & social media messages. Please respect my private life and understand I don't have the time to answer all requests, including questions about your personal lifestream ✨

I'm very grateful to offer you my free guided meditations & vlogs private sessions, online classes, workshops & tours: Services. Let's raise our vibration together 💠


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